Home to lucrative opportunities and abundant land, India is one of the most coveted business destinations worldwide. However, while that’s true, one cannot discount the technical and administrative complexities involved in land acquisition in India. Navigating and dealing with them requires an expert and experienced land aggregation partner. So, how do you search and finalize one? Here are some tips to find the best-suited land aggregation company in India.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Land Aggregator in India

Land acquisition in India will involve a significant investment. Hence, you should be prudent and careful while choosing a land acquisition company. Evaluating the company on these five factors can help simplify your endeavor.

1. Experience

Land acquisition in India isn’t a cakewalk. It is complicated and expensive. Hence, you should have someone extensively experienced in terms of the number of years in the business and also that of the projects successfully completed.

In addition, each Indian state has unique laws, rules and regulations governing land acquisition. Accordingly, you should look for a land aggregator with experience in various states. The company’s agility and responsiveness towards the dynamic legal and administrative landscape should form another parameter to assess.

2. Market Credibility

While you can measure a company’s experience in the number of years and projects completed, market credibility is something you cannot quantify. It will require you to research extensively about the market reputation of the prospective aggregator. Some factors to look for while assessing the company’s market credibility include the company’s expertise, reliability of its team, management members and infrastructure. Customer feedback is another aspect. But we will talk about it later.

3. Scope of Assistance

Land aggregation involves catering to numerous factors. From initial land reviews to the final clear title handover, it is an extensive process comprising multiple complexities of varying nature and intensities.

For instance, a particular piece of land may have multiple stakeholders dispersed across various places. Even if cost might not necessarily be a problem, mobilizing everyone and seeking a unanimous and undisputed consent of each individual over selling the place could prove a challenge.

That’s only one challenge though. Nevertheless, as the buyer, you wouldn’t want to entangle yourself in these intricacies. Hence, you should look for a company that undertakes the project and completes it end-to-end, limiting your role to signing documents or being only present if at all required.

4. Government Relations

Land acquisition requires frequent and extensive correspondence with various government authorities at the local, regional and national level. Challenges dealing at a particular level may make the deal go sour. Thus, your evaluation criterion should also include how cordial are the company’s relations with the government and how seamlessly they can execute the land acquisition deal at the administrative level.

5. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback also matters while choosing land aggregators in India. Finding online reviews may be a little difficult to find, as usually, land acquisition deals happen at the seniormost management level. Hence, connecting with the company’s clients in-person and getting feedback about its services, challenges, qualities, etc., can help you prepare better and address challenges before they surface.

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