Availability of land plays a pivotal role in the industrial development of any country. India, with huge natural resources, including the abundant availability of land, has always been instrumental in getting India to the top spots across the global industrial horizon.

However, while that’s true, land acquisition in India isn’t as straightforward. Potential buyers have to deal with a complex ecosystem of administrative formalities. Besides, depending on the complexities involved, land acquisition can take a lot of time.

Rucha Group, with its expertise and experience in land acquisition for the private sector, can help make the journey much more seamless!

One of India’s leading land aggregators, Rucha Group steps in as a bankable land aggregation partner. We leverage our land aggregation expertise and experience of more than a decade to provide end-to-end support. Our expertise covers everything from land review, and assessment, coordinating with the concerned authorities, stakeholders, and landowners. We work on multiple aggregation projects at any given point in time.

At Rucha, we work at the national level where we have numerous plots and landmasses under the acquisition process at any given point in time. We treat every project differently. That’s because we understand every project is unique and so are its land acquisition needs. Besides, no two land pieces are the same. Each has its unique local, regional and national rules and regulations, governing its acquisition, aggregation, and purchase process. Our team spread throughout various corners of the country exhibits high levels of local cognizance with respect to land acquisition and aggregation. They maintain cordial relations with the concerned government authorities, land owners and other stakeholders to minimize friction and conduct the procedure blissfully.

Our Land Aggregation Process

At Rucha Group, we follow a highly organized process, ensuring adherence to the stipulated laws, rules, and regulations. Here’s how we help our clients acquire the land they intend to purchase to set up their operations in the country.

Potential Land Identification

The first step involves identifying a potential land piece matching the client’s requirements. It is a crucial step as it sets the trajectory for successful land acquisition.

Ascertaining Technical Parameters

Assess and ascertain various geographical and technical parameters of a particular land piece. It is a comprehensive process and a critical aspect considering it involves evaluating the basic aspects of a land like its location, shape, availability or the potential of construction an access road, frontage of the land on an abutting road, etc.

Assessing Land Availability

The unavailability of the land per the client’s requirement may let all the effort down the drain. Hence, before entering the next stage like due diligence and completing formalities, we assess the land’s availability based on the client’s needs. It helps us fulfil the client’s requirement and handover a landmass best-suited to their expectations.

Preliminary Due Diligence

The next step is performing primary due diligence. It is a significant step helping us determine whether a particular land meets the client’s requirement and forming the base for a seamless land purchase.

Land Proposition

Propose the best-suited land options to the client based on findings, observations and conclusions stemming from the micro market survey. The propositions include each detail of the land for the client to make an informed decision and purchase.

Formal Understanding with client

Based on the option selected, we enter an agreement of understanding with the client to help keep every clause and pointer documented and maintain mutual transparency about the entire deal.

Detailed Due Diligence

Further, we take up the land aggregation task by entering an understanding with the client. It involves adding value to the land with title clearances, title reports, setting property boundaries and registrations after which the land is prepared to be sold.

Title Search Report

We perform an in-depth due diligence of the target land piece that involves assessing the land on various parameters, identifying and mitigating potential risks, examining legal documents like marketable title of the land, identifying disputes (if any), legal and revenue search, TLR search, court search, confirming ownership, issuing public notice, measuring the land, etc. We then arrange a Title Search Report (TSR) from an empaneled/renowned lawyer or solicitor.

Physical Survey

Once the legal formalities are completed, we undertake further activities like on the site, including private survey, government demarcation, and fencing of the said land.

Assistance in sanctioning

After a legal and official acquisition of the land, we apply for government NOCs, permissions and approvals required for the subject land from the sanctioning viewpoint and processing with the sanction of plan.

Handover Formalities

As per the requirements of Clients, we do provide customized services which vary from land identification to its acquisition. Upon doing acquisition, mutation of the Clients name on revenue records and several other steps viz. government demarcation, CLU, and etc. As stated herein above, land aggregation being a very complex subject, we as Rucha Group do take best possible precautions and all reasonable steps to simplify the process of acquisition that too in a cost-effective manner.

While handing over the assigned project/s we do handover clean clear marketable title along with possession of the said land parcel. While doing so, we also handover all the title related deeds and documents which are procured. If required, we also provide our assistance to client or their consultants to ascertain different parameters viz. legal / architecture and etc.

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